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Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

Research is always a big thing for successful results and in terms of research we always look at the functional industry where we want to establish our business. As per a smart user you need to investigate your competitors who with some paid and unpaid tools. I going to tell you all things about this in details.

Why analyze competitor

  • It is very useful and successful for all time to read about case studies and understood the trick and methods of your competitor.
  • To establish a successful business you need know about all tips and precautions. Also you have should understood the business model of the competitors and prepare yourself to make business model more sufficient.
  • In SEO you this is also so very much useful because through Semrush and Ahrefs you can track the Backlinks details of the site of the competitors.

Keyword Targeting

You need to finalize your all targeted keywords and I have also explained all things about keyword research in the blog of Keyword Research with Video.

After finalize your keyword you should check the positions of competitors website in search engine result pages. During this Process you should always take care of all precautions like Keyword Density, Keyword Positioning and Keyword competition that I have been described in the details at the blog post of Keyword Research.

Analyze Competitors User Website

When you are going to check the website of your competitor then at that time do the Website analysis. May be you think it is useless but this is the primary thing of analysis. I will recommend you should watch all the facts about competitors’ website like title and description and also more useful coding stands for source code to know the backed strategy of your competitors. During the process of analyzing website you should check the all facts about interlinking of your website.

Check the User Interface and user