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SEO Algorithms Updates

Generally when we hear about Search Engine Optimization Algorithms Updates then instantly we think why this all things and updates are going on, so don’t worry I will tell you about all Major Google Algorithms in the was announced officially by Google to make Search Engine more useful and efficient for users and to dismiss the scams that was going on the websites.

Here I am going to Tell you in brief –

  1. Google Panda Update – Google was launched Google panda update first when they noticed at the reviews and reports of the users on those websites which was ranking at the Top pages of Google, In 2009 some business was playing on Google and doing scam with the customers by showing their business in the top Pages of Google. It was happening from 2009 to 2010 to resolve this at the same time created a Program which is known as Algorithms. They launched an Update who have affected a million numbers of the website in 2011. The basic reason behind this update was” “Actually Google Search Engine was going down from their search priority situation and Users was going to switch at some other and different search engines. In one word we can say Google was losing their business so they do that. It was By clicking this Link All information of Google Panda Update in Details you can explore all things.


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